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7 Ways to Buy Home Through Arizona Home Buying Program

Buying a property can intimidate anybody. The lengthy procedure from applying for a loan to waiting for approval might seem frightening. But it doesn’t have to be that complicated. Arizona home buying programs have proven their efficiency to simplify your path to get your own house in Arizona. These programs provide certain facilities that are useful to buy a home even for moderate to low-income families and individuals.

Let us discuss the seven basic ways to help one make use of these programs for buying a home in Arizona.

1.Qualifications needed to get most out of home buying programs

It is mostly assumed that only first-time home buyers can apply for these programs; first-time home buyers mean someone who has not purchased a home for the last three years. But that is not the truth.The benefits of programs are not only limited to first-time buyers but also welcomes anyone who wants to buy a home. But there are some additional requirements for eligibility to ensure that assistance reaches those who are most in need. Different programs have different eligibility criteria; find the one which suits your situation.

2.Estimate your budgets

Before planning to buy a house, make a critical analysis of how much you can afford without the risk of having an empty pocket afterward. Arizona home buying programs have offers for a low financial score holder to help buy a house in Arizona. Some of the requirements for low budget buyers are :

  • Annual income should be less than $105,291.
  • A minimum credit score of 640
  • DTI ratio not to be over 50%
  • Complete and pass ‘A homebuyer education course.’

3.Browse all the home buying programs available

To find out which program is the best choice for you is to go in detail through all the home buying programs available on the web or, if possible, directly meet the organizers. Doing this will help you browse all the options to make a better choice before buying a home in Arizona. Some of the famous Arizona home buying programs are :

  • HOME+ PLUS Fannie Mae HFA Preferred Loan Program.
  • HOME+ PLUS Freddie Mac HFA Advantage Loan Program.
  • HOME+ PLUS Home Buyer Down Payment Assistance Program.
  • Home in Five Advantage Program.
  • Path to purchase home loan program.

Best national home loan programs:

  • Federal housing administration loans (FHA).
  • Veteran Affairs (VA) loans.
  • U.S department of agriculture (USDA) loans.

4. Making the right choice

After looking into all the home buying programs in detail, you may get very confused about which one to choose. So, here are some tips and points that a buyer should look into before choosing a specific program to buy a house in Arizona :

  • Look for the programs that offer a grant to cover your closing costs and down payment.
  • Check whether each program has additional payment requirements. I.e., private mortgage insurance.
  • Choose the program that can boost your savings of mortgage loans over the lifetime.
  • Consider the program that offers flexibility to move in a few years.
  • Get a quote to compare your options.

5.Buy a home in the desired city.

Programs like the pathway to purchase almost cover the whole state, so that you can buy a house in Arizona in the city of your choice. The pathway to purchase has covered several cities such as Bullhead City, Casa Grande, Green Valley, Glendale, Phoenix, Kingman, Rio Rico, Sahuarita, Vista, Sierra, Tucson, Yuma, and Vail. You can check out these details on the official Arizona housing site.

6.Get a lender

If you are interested in utilizing these home buying programs, then the first thing to do is hire a well qualified and approved lender who is well participating in helping his clients.

The lender will check if you are qualified for applying to the program and help you sign up for the suiting program.

 Each lender has different requirements according to their assistance. So, it is better to meet several of them before finalizing on one. It is advised to meet at least three lenders before selecting the one who will stick with you in buying a home in Arizona for you.

7.Consult with experts

It is advised to consult with a loan officer before investing in any type of down payment assistance programs or home buying programs. Take advice from a well-educated officer who is knowledgeable about the workings of such programs.


In conclusion, if you are low on budget or a first-time buyer, these home buyer loans provided by the Arizona Department of housing are an excellent way to get homeownership within your financial budget. Make sure to pass all the eligibility criteria before applying for loans to buy your own house in Arizona.

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