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Creating A Social Media Plan

How confident do you feel in your marketing efforts? There is always room for improvement, even when you think you’re already experienced. When it comes to social media strategy plan, its important to be where the people are- and social media is where most of your audience is! Let’s sharpen up your skills and bump up your social media marketing. 

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Creating a Social Media Plan

The secret to success is not just writing down goals, but having a call to action for yourself afterwards. Create a social media plan that you know you can stick to and be consistent with. Start with baby steps. Take ONE social media platform that you feel most comfortable with and move forward with planning from there. If you’re not super confident in any social media platforms, just find the nearest teenager (your kid, niece, nephew.etc) and have them show you the ropes!

Once you pick one social media platform that you want to start with, follow these three steps to jump-start your social media plan! 

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Breaking Down Categories of Content

Although this is a platform to promote your business, it’s important to make sure there is a collaboration of different kinds of posts. Mix it up with the types of posts you are putting out, while also being consistent at the same time. This may sound confusing at first, but once you get a routine down, it becomes a piece of cake!  There are a few different types of posts that you could do, this could range from promoting yours or someone else’s blog posts, Giphys, starting Giveaways, or simply featuring events happening in your community. From there pick a few of these to be consistent with each week.


Feeling overwhelmed with starting a social media plan?  LET US HELP YOU! We can do your social media for you!

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Find Your Niche

Find something you can focus on. Finding a niche can REALLY set you apart from other people in the business. This could even mean finding your focus group of who you’re selling to. This may be Retirees, First Time Home Buyers, Luxury Homes, and several other options. Really look for what excites you and what you feel the most comfortable working with.  Trying to reach a specific audience is the key to success in marketing. Creating an identity is vital for your success, standing out is a must.

To read more about Finding Your Niche, check out our blog article on Niche Marketing HERE

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Just Do It!

NO EXCUSES! You’ve justified reasons not to set up your social media platforms long enough. The reality is, this is how businesses are reaching their audiences. It is just as easy to not start this process, as it is to start.  Take the baby steps, one social media platform at a time. You’ll be amazed at how easy it becomes, and watch your business thrive at the same time!

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