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Getting Ready to Move? Here’s a Checklist!

Here’s a Checklist That Will Help You With Your Spring Move.

3 Weeks Prior to Move:

  Set up a “move” file or folder.
  Set up a “move” calendar.
  Hold a garage sale.
  Collect financial, tax and employment documentation needed for your loan.
  Donate un-needed furniture to charity.
  Contact insurance companies to update addresses and/or transfer policies (life, auto, homeowners).

2 Weeks Prior to Move:

  Arrange cut-off dates for utility companies (telephone, gas, electricity, water, garbage, cable television).
  Prepare new address or moving notifications for friends and relatives.
  Request change of address kit from post office.
  Check out voter registration information for the new area.

1 Week Prior to Move:

  Label items you will need to access easily and place them in a separate room or closet.
  Tend to outdoor items and furniture: Water hoses, propane tank from BBQ grill, gas and oil from lawnmowers.
  Properly discard all aerosols, paint, oils and other flammable or toxic chemicals.
  Arrange new utility services at your new home.

Moving Day:

  Remember, items packed last will be unloaded first.
  Conduct a final review of the house, including attic, stairwells, closets, cupboards, storage, garage and behind doors.
  Relax and enjoy your new home!
Take the stress out of moving by being organized! Give us a call today if you have any questions about your home financing.

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