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Make Facebook Work for You

It probably won’t come as a surprise to you that if you want to reach a large audience and make an impact, social media is the way to go. If you haven’t gotten on the “social wave” yet, now’s a good time to jump in. Facebook is a great way to start. There are so many different ways to make Facebook work for you. Here are a few.

How to Make the Most of Facebook

Facebook profile Start with a Custom Profile

Believe it or not, many people will search businesses on Facebook to learn more about them. Because of this, you want to have an active profile that has positive and helpful information.

You want to first make a profile page for your business. Don’t make it generic – personalize it! Fill in as much information about you and your business as possible! According to Hubspot.com, leaving your “about section” blank is a big no-no.

Because purchasing a home is such a personal transaction, people want to really know who they’re working with. As you personalize your Facebook page, make sure that you have good pictures showing who you are and sufficient information about you and your business.

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Build a Facebook Following

The more people you have liked your Facebook page the better. You want your content and your brand in front of as many people as possible all the time.

To build a Facebook following, there are a few options: run a Facebook Likes ad, and Boost your Facebook posts. What does this mean?

Facebook Likes Ad: This is a marketing ad that is shown all over Facebook, promoting your page and encouraging people to like it. Once they like it, all of your future posts will show up on their Facebook feed. A Facebook Likes Ad has a certain dollar amount allotted to it every day; all you do it set it and let it go. You don’t have to think about it after that, it will just continue to drive up likes on your page.

Boosted Posts: This means that you pay to have your posts pushed out to people who don’t like your page and may or may not know your page even exists. You pay per post and can decide how much money you want to put toward each post. You can pick the audience that these reach (local area, demographics, etc). This is a great thing to do when you have a new listing. Make a post about it and boost it to a large audience, that way everyone see that it’s for sale.

Another perk to having a high Facebook following is leverage when you’re trying to get a listing. When a homeowner is getting ready to sell, you can show them your large social media reach. If you have over 2,000 followers on Facebook, then if you post about the listing, that post has the potential to reach all those 2,000 followers and more as you boost those posts. This can be great leverage as you have more exposure.

Post Quality, not Quantity

social media marketing - qualityAlthough you want consistent posts going out often, you don’t want to over-post. If you’re posting several times a day, you will overwhelm your consumers and you’ll receive less engagement as people are wary of seeing your content.

Instead, post good, high-quality posts with helpful and engaging information. Don’t post just any old home for sale; find homes that have amazing pictures or have great aspects that many people would love. You want to provide a “Wow Factor” in your posts. Why would people want to see this on their feed?

This can help increase your page following. The better your posts are, and the more people like your posts, the more willing they will be to like your page and follow you.

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Don’t forget about great photos and videos! People are more likely to actually stop on your post if there’s a gorgeous picture or a video to watch. With social media marketing, it’s essential to have a visual aspect included.

Remember the blog from last week on videos (CLICK HERE)? Don’t forget the importance of using videos in your real estate marketing. Social media is a great way to leverage video! It’s the perfect outlet, so don’t underestimate it.

Be Consistent

Posting every other week, or every four days isn’t going to cut it. People will forget you exist. In this information-overloaded world, you need to make sure that you’re front-and-center in people’s minds. If they’re seeing you every day, they’re not likely to forget you.

Aside from just posting regularly, be consistent in your tone. They want to see your personality and learn who you are. You don’t want to seem like a different person with each post. Figure out what works, and stick with it.

real estate marketing - consistence

Encourage Engagement

The best way to leverage social media marketing is to encourage people to engage with your posts. Since you aren’t having a one-on-one conversation, this is the closest you’re going to get. You want people to like your posts, comment on them and tag their friends.

How to do this:

Ask questions in your posts. This way they feel like they have a reason to comment on your post. This can also allow you to interact with them individually by replying to their comments.

Encourage tagging. Invite them to tag their friends and family.

Have a Contest! The BEST way to encourage promotion is to hold a contest or promotion. Maybe you just got a new listing. Before you put it up on the MLS, post a few pictures, some basic information, and then hold a “Guess the Listing Price” competition. You’ll want to have a prize of course (a small gift card will do). Give them a deadline to comment by and then let the guessing begin! After the deadline, select a winner and get in touch with them to give them their prize. You can then do another post with the real price. Many people will want to come back to see how close they were. This will encourage a lot of engagement and viewing of your posts and your page.

Don’t Give Up

You may not see your page get 1,000 like in the first few months. You may not even see a ton of engagement, to begin with. Social media marketing, though effective, can be a slow process. You have to build your brand, you have to gain trust, you have to get out in front of everyone.

Stick with it. It’s important to stay consistent and to continue doing what you’re doing. You can have a lot of success with this!

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