Finally Understand the Reverse Mortgage For Your New Home Purchase

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Difficulty Qualifying for Traditional Financing?

Many seniors face challenges when trying to qualify for conventional mortgages due to fixed incomes or credit limitations. This can hinder their ability to purchase a new, more suitable home for their needs.

Discover the Key Features of Reverse Mortgage Purchase

No Monthly Mortgage Payments

With a reverse mortgage for purchase, you won't be burdened by monthly mortgage payments, allowing you to enjoy your new home without financial stress.

Tax-Free Loan Proceeds

The loan proceeds from your reverse mortgage for purchase are entirely tax-free, giving you access to more funds for your desired lifestyle.

Limited Credit Qualifications

Unlike traditional mortgages, reverse mortgage for purchase has more lenient credit requirements, making it easier for seniors to qualify.

Remain on Title and Retain Ownership

Even with a reverse mortgage for purchase, you retain ownership of your home, giving you the freedom to sell it whenever you wish.

Hi, I'm Nan Glauser, an Expert Reverse Mortgage Loan Advisor

Hi there! I’m a passionate mortgage loan officer who thrives on helping my clients achieve their financial goals. With a deep love for people, I find joy in working directly with my clients, partnering with realtors and borrowers to transform their real estate dreams into reality.

Communication is vital to me, and I ensure that you’re always updated at every milestone throughout the home loan process. As a Certified Reverse Mortgage Professional (CRMP), I bring specialized expertise to the table, being one of only 200 professionals in the country with this distinction.

When I’m not assisting clients, you’ll likely find me hiking amidst the stunning Red Rocks and mountains, enjoying the great outdoors with my friends and family. I also have a passion for yoga and enjoy teaching it. On top of that, I’m a mother of 8 children and a grandmother to 12!

In my downtime, I love immersing myself in a good book and embracing the fun and laughter that life has to offer.

Loan Officer | Lending Manager | St. George, Utah | NMLS # 1119710

If you are interested in Reverse Mortgage Refinance, fill out the form below.

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