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Real Estate Agent Marketing Tips for Sharing Your Story

Real Estate Agent Marketing Tips for Sharing Your Story

Since the discovery of fire, stories are what knit people together. Everyone has a story, but not everyone shares it effectively. So whether you’re presenting a listing, mailing a postcard, or posting something on social media, making your story a part of your marketing helps prospects and clients relate to you! You’ll make it easier for them to remember you when they need your expert advice.

Here are 5 tips for incorporating your story into your marketing plan:

1. Figure out your story. What is your personal story—your connection to your city, your history and background, or how you got into real estate? All of these can add color and a human touch to your marketing.

2. Share your story. Just because you know your story, doesn’t mean you share it effectively. How are you letting people know how you “got there?” Blog posts, web bios, articles and social media all offer opportunities to spread and share.

3. Invest in your marketing. A polished presentation—online and offline—will establish your credibility. Enlist the services of quality graphic and web designers who can present you in the best light.

4. Be consistent. If your story is personal enough and your information is valuable, people will seek you out. When you faithfully show up in people’s social media feeds, mailboxes and inboxes on a daily, weekly or monthly frequency, they’ll remember who to call.

5. Be willing to talk about your success. People like people who are successful—and they love doing business with them. Including testimonials and stories from satisfied clients in your marketing is a great way to attract clients and earn their confidence.

I hope this helps get the wheels turning and get’s you motivated to start putting your plan together. As always, we are here to help, so reach out to us and let’s get a co-branding marketing plan in action!

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