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Reverse Mortgages Changing The Game For Arizona

Have you heard how Reverse Mortgages are Changing The Game For Arizona?

Your home could be your best friend in retirement. And for some residents, the Reverse Mortgage Arizona is a game changer!  

So many people are finding it difficult to deal with the rising cost of living in their retirement years…stock markets crash, interest rates are so low, and even pension funds seem to me unreliable. But there is an option for homeowners 62 years of age and older that have equity in their homes…it’s called a Reverse Mortgage.

The new Reverse Mortgage Arizona program available today is the outcome of much change and refinement.  The original Reverse Mortgage was enacted with a law put in place in the Reagan administration, and all the security and government guarantees of those older Reverse Mortgage programs are still in place with the new Reverse Mortgage programs now available.  These current Reverse Mortgage programs are still insured by the Federal Housing Administration and they are regulated by the US Government, but the new programs have more safeguards in place and these new Reverse Mortgage are now recognized by financial planning experts as very valuable and reliable retirement tools.

The US News and World Report made this comment on Reverse Mortgages in the recent article entitled “5 Ways Your Home Can Help Fund Retirement”:

Tap home equity. A reverse mortgage allows retirees ages 62 and older to use their home equity to pay for retirement needs while remaining in their homes for the rest of their lives. The loan only needs to be repaid if you move, sell the home or die. A reverse mortgage can be received as a line of credit, lump sum or monthly payments for life or a set period of time.”

You may ask “Who’s eligible to receive a Government Insured Reverse Mortgage?”   Well in most cases, the homeowner, and any co-occupants, must be at least 62 years old, the house must be owner-occupied and the occupant must either own their home free and clear or owe no more against the home than could be repaid from the proceeds of the new reverse mortgage. Each individual must also agree to accept mortgage counseling from a HUD-approved counseling agency. Family members may also attend these counseling sessions if desired.

Sun American Mortgage Company (SAM) is an industry leader in the new Reverse Mortgage world.  SAM is proud to have written the very first Government-insured Reverse Mortgage in the Southwest over 25 years ago and SAM still has that passion for helping their clients achieve a more fulfilling retirement.  Your home may be your best friend in retirement…let us show you how. 


Actual client testimonials: 



Shirley B.



Parker was very pleasant to work with and very knowledgeable. I certainly would recommend him and his Company in the future.

Response from Sun American Mortgage Company

Thank you, Shirley! This is going to work out very well for you and John. I’m certain of it. Best of luck going forward!



Kenneth and Nancy S.


reverse mortgage

was very pleased with sun American. Parker Turk was great in explaining everything and taking time to answer all our questions. He was always available if we called. We are so glad we went with Sun American Mortgage

Response from Sun American Mortgage Company

Thank you for the kind words Ken and Nancy! Feel free to call if you ever have questions!



Sandra B.


Extremely professional and very high-quality service

Sun American Mortgage is a very professional company that instills trust in its ability. My agent, Parker Turk, was very professional, knowledgeable, and available to answer any of my questions at any time. Mr. Turk is an asset to Sun American Mortgage. He made what could have been a stressful situation run smoothly for me and I am grateful for his ability.

Response from Sun American Mortgage Company

Sandie… You were great to work with over the last few years. I wish nothing but the best for you going forward!



Charles C.


Our Re-Fi experence

I had heard ads for Sun American on KFYI Although I was somewhat dubious, I called for information. I first spoke with Parker Turk on the phone and the result of that call was to set up an appointment to meet at our home. An appointment was made for a time convenient to us but I am sure it was after “working hours” for Parker. Prior to meeting with him I gave the information I had received via phone, to my long time CPA . Hr listened and said : “It is a no brainer, go ahead” Parker arrived and with my wife and me went through the whole process, carefully explaining how it worked and answering questios. We decided then and there to go ahead and Parker had brought all the paper work with him, which we signed. Everything went smoothly with the required call and the appraiser. The star of this show was “Jackie ?” who was the Notary who came to the house with all the paper work and walked us through each and every document we had to sign. She was VERY professional and capable! Now that we are done with the process we are very pleased with how it all worked out

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