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Top 10 Bathroom Trends for 2017

The master bathroom is a place of refuge and a place that can bring in a lot of ROI when you sell your home. Are you ready to do a remodel of your master bath? Here are some of the biggest bathroom trends of 2017!


Top Bathroom Trends

master bathroom - tile

1. Tile

Tile is a great way to make a statement as well as add a personal touch to your master bathroom. There are so many options with tile. You can pick a patterned tile or something that adds a textured look and feel. You can use mismatched tile and tile with unique patterns. Going for a clean slate? You can use an all-white tile to keep it pristine yet simple while adding a little flair. 

2. Unique Metals

When it comes to your faucets, lighting and other bathroom hardware, find a metal that matches your look and style. Pretty much any metal is “in” right now – although brass and gold are the top picks. 

bathroom trends - metal and tub

3. Free-Standing Tub

I don’t know about you, but looking at photos of stand-alone tubs, makes me want to relax. They are all the rage right now (and probably always will be). Change up your master bathroom with a claw-foot tub or even a rectangle one. Or stick with the good-old reliable oval beauty!

4. Round Mirrors

Vanity mirrors are a big bathroom trend this year, especially circle and oval ones. You can either put a unique frame around it to really finish the look and tie it in to the rest of your bathroom theme, or you can go with a simple, frameless mirror. 

5. Bold Cabinets

Cabinets have the power to make a statement, what statement will yours make? Whether you go with a bold color or a white or an antique or modern look, pick a style that you like. This is where your personality can really shine.

master bathroom - cabinets

6. Creative Storage

We can never have enough storage – it’s just a fact of life. So finding more ways to add storage to the master bathroom made the “top trends” list. Get creative with your bathroom space. Maybe you can add some baskets or wall shelves (keep an eye out for fun shelving ideas). What about finding a vanity that has some drawers and/or cabinets? 

7. Pop of Color 

Adding a pop of color is usually a good idea when it comes to design, and it’s relatively easy in terms of a bathroom remodel. If you want a darker color, navy is a big trend right now, or if you’re liking a softer tone, try sea-foam green. Whether you add this color with paint, window coverings, towels, the shower curtain or something else entirely, it can really give your master bathroom that extra touch you’ve been wanting. 

master bathroom - color

8. Wall Art

Hang unique art to dress up the walls of your master bathroom. Find something that matches the style and coloring you’ve decided on for your bathroom. Maybe it can be part of your pop of color or maybe it’s a black and white sketch.

9. Statement Furniture

Although not all master bathrooms have room to spare, if you have the ability, a piece of furniture can really make a statement. Whether you pick an ottoman, a chair or a stool, find something that is aesthetically pleasing and fits in with your bathroom style.

bathroom remodels - furniture

10. Luxury Products and Accessories

Remember that your master bathroom can be a place of refuge. Let’s make it feel like a spa! Add some live plants (hanging or in pots) or fancy soaps and gels to your counter space and new shelves. If you find products in fancy bottles it can really give it that timeless, classy look. This is really the final touch to making your bathroom top-notch! 


Give yourself the trendy bathroom you’ve always wanted! You can do all of these steps or just one or two. Let’s build you a better home one step at a time.


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