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What’s Your Marketing Plan Look Like For 2018?

2017 is coming to a close pretty soon. How has your current marketing plan been working for you this year? Did you notice more closed deals? Is business slower than ever? Now is the PERFECT time to sit down, re-evaluate things, figure out what’s been working for you/what’s not, and make the necessary adjustments.

Maybe you see other competitors in the industry killing it or bringing in new leads and wonder what you’re doing wrong. Their success is no secret. As we talked about in the last article, to stand out you have to be willing to do what others are UNWILLING to do!

Our goal today is to help set you up for success in 2018 with some solid marketing tips and a structured marketing plan that works for you!

Where Do I Start?

If you don’t have a detailed and structured marketing plan, here’s a great starting point.

1. First and foremost. what gets you excited? If there is passion for your target audience/niche, it’ll shine through to everyone around you. On the reverse, if you don’t get excited about serving your current niche, now is the time to dig deep and think about finding the one that does. Is it first time home buyers? Retirees? Who do you feel the most passionate about helping in this industry?

2.When you discover the niche with the accompanied effortless passion, it’s time to start THINKING BIG! Create a grand vision that reflects on all the goals you dream of achieving in your personal and business life. Specifically with this niche, what do you imagine yourself accomplishing for them? Do you have an idea for a program that would make the home buying process easier? Do you dream of being known as the expert in your community with this audience? Write down all that you’d like to achieve and visualize it every day!

3. We’ve all been there. You’re all pumped up and excited after creating this vision board or “to-do” list of your dreams and goals, but then reality sets in…and over time you fall back into old habits and those goals seem to drift away. But when you get specific with that vision and plan out exactly how it will be accomplished, amazing things happen! For example, let’s say you want to make more connections in the coming year. You could start by sending out invites to influential people in your circle to lunch. Create big community events and make your name as well known in the area as best you can.

KEY: Get ridiculously specific. Seriously! Work backwards. Write down what you will do differently weekly, even daily to make it happen! Change any habits that could hold you back from achieving these goals.

To learn more about Creating a Fanatical Tribe & Connecting with your community, click here! 

Re-Evaluate What’s Working & What’s Not!

After you review those points and make a good, solid marketing plan, it’s time to do some reflection over the last year. What were you doing when your business was at it’s peak? Write down both the positive and negative trends you saw and how to start improving.

Did you receive some criticism or bad reviews? Failure is just feedback! Learn from these mistakes and do your best to not repeat them this next year.

Is there something you know you could be better at? Write down a plan and do some research how you can improve upon that.

There are a lot of mistakes, especially on social media, that people aren’t aware they’re even making. Here’s a few links from expert marketers to help you see what you should & should not be doing on your social media platforms in your business!


KEY: Keep this list short. Don’t focus too much on what you didn’t do, and focus more on looking forward to what you’re going to do. Evaluation is not meant to pull you down, it’s meant for positive feedback on what you can improve on, so you can propel forward faster!

Take Action!

You’ve written it all down, visualized it, now it’s time to execute that plan!

There will be hurdles you’ll have to jump over and mistakes that will inevitably be made along the way. Don’t let fear or being uncomfortable stop you. Everyone experiences these feelings, but the ones who push through and hustle harder than the rest, come out on top!

KEY: It’s not about talent…it’s all about hustle. Talent will develop faster to those who out HUSTLE their competition. If you struggle with taking action, write down all your mental and emotional barriers. BE HONEST. Then work out on paper, what you have to do to move past those barriers. You’ll find that it actually isn’t that hard to move past your barriers when you do this step.

So to recap…

-Be passionate about your niche, make a plan how you’ll serve them best. THINK BIG.

-Write it all down and make a very specific plan how it will get done. Make deadlines for yourself and your team. Hold yourself accountable!

-Execute that plan and be consistent even when obstacles or fear creeps in.

A solid marketing plan is crucial. Taking the time to sit down and follow all of these marketing tips from today will highly benefit you in the long run. Go into this next year with confidence, make a detailed plan, and take some action!

Let me know some of the questions you have or ideas on some marketing strategies you’re thinking about. It’s always good to bounce ideas off someone and start a discussion that can lead to even better ideas.

As always, thanks for following and look forward for next weeks tips.

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