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When Our Clients Talk…It’s Pretty Powerful!

Thanks to today’s advanced technology, you no longer have to wonder who offers the very BEST services! At your very fingertips you can instantly find out who’s the best in the industry nearest you. Google and Facebook reviews speak volumes about how well a business treats their customers and the experience they had with them.

Here at Sun American Mortgage, we are so grateful for all the wonderful people of Arizona, Utah, California and New Mexico that we get to serve. Our top notch team is passionate about helping clients qualify and move into their dream home, or refinance their existing one. For over 33 years, our name has been well known for stellar service and always leaving customers more than satisfied.  

Now we don’t mean to brag, but this is pretty amazing. Out of any mortgage company in the Arizona, we have the MOST Five-Star Reviews! Every single week we get Five-Star reviews pouring in from past clients raving about their positive experience purchasing their home with us!

We can’t make this up- checkout what people are saying about us below! These are some of our most recent Facebook & Google reviews…

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five star reviews - facebook


five star reviews - review

five star reviews - review



What motivates us to do such an incredible job and upkeep this reputation, is helping people fulfill the American Dream of Home Ownership. It’s the very foundation of why Sun American Mortgage Company was formed and built! Here’s our CEO Terry Turk telling us what inspires him most..


Now has never been a better time to move into that new home you’ve been dreaming about. Or, if you’re paying too much for your current mortgage, let us help assess your mortgage and get you in a better situation. 

Call TODAY and experience what everyone else does…amazing service and rates! 480-832-4343 We work hard to ensure the mortgage loan process is as stress free as possible for you!

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